Some recent interviews by Hardt

May 7, 2014

"Think of Occupy Wall Street, those were trying to dream of a different system, but some of the most immediate and substantive effects took place within the US political system, like the general recognition of the role of finance. One of the immediate responses to Occupy Wall Street was the small shift in discussion about social inequality and the need to recognize the problems of the poor, the exuberant powers of Wall Street."
Source: The European Magazine


"I want a world in which we are collectively able to rule ourselves without masters, from the most local and everyday interactions to the most global level. And I recognize the grounds for that imagination and that desire in the democratic experiments of the contemporary social movements.
The movements, however, in addition to criticizing current political structures, prefigure a new politics. The encampments and occupations that began in 2011 constantly create, often on very small scales, participatory, democratic social relationships and political practices. The general assemblies and working groups that sprung up from Tahrir Square to Syntagma Square to Zuccotti Park are experiments in open and horizontal structures of deliberation and decision-making."
Source: The European Magazine